Project Guidelines

1. Priorities for project support

The jury will prioritize projects which:

  • include artistic, financial and organizational partners from several Traduki countries,
  • include books and authors previously translated by Traduki,
  • prove a well-balanced and well thought out participants list (including moderators),
  • give a special focus to the translators and/or give emerging translators the possibility of professional growth.

2. Modalities

The application window is open twice a year: in spring between March 15th and April 15th, and in autumn between September 15th and October 15th. The meeting of the TRADUKI Program Commission, which evaluates the applications, takes place not later than 6 weeks after the submission deadline.

Applicants are expected to apply for project support in the spring session for projects that take place from July 1st to December 31st, and in the autumn session for projects that take place from January 1st to June 30th.

The support of TRADUKI cannot exceed 80 % of total project value and cannot exceed 6,000 Euro.

a. Modalities in case of approval

  • the applicant is informed within 1 week after the meeting of the Program Commission
  • the applicant can get 60 % of granted funds in advance
  • the remainder of the granted funds will be paid only after the applicants provides the relevant invoices and proof of payments
  • the applicant must mention Traduki support an all printed and online-material produced.

b. Modalities in case of rejection

  • applicants receive the decision within 1 week after the meeting of the Program Commission
  • reasons for rejections are not communicated
  • the same application cannot be proposed again

3. Dossier of application contains

Besides filling in the online form, the applicants must prepare the following documents and upload it into the application system:

  • Program with dates, venues, participants and moderators, formats and co-financers
  • Detailed budget which shows costs for authors, translators and moderators as well as overhead costs
  • financial planning: own means, income expected by other sponsors