Project Guidelines

1. Priorities for project support

The jury will prioritize projects which:

  • including artistic, financial and organizational partners from several Traduki countries
  • projects including books and authors previously translated by Traduki prove a well-balanced and thoroughly thought participants list (including moderators),
  • give a special focus to the translators and/or give emerging translators the possibility of professional growth

2. Modalities

a. in case of approval

  • the applicant is informed within 1 month after jury meeting
  • the organizer must mention Traduki support an all printed and online-material produced.

b. Modalities in case of rejection

  • organizers receive the decision within 1 month after the jury meeting
  • reasons for rejections are not communicated
  • The same application cannot be proposed again

3. Dossier of application contains

The jury will prioritize projects which:

  • Application form
  • Programme with dates, venues, participants and moderators, formats and co-financers
  • Detailed budget which shows costs for authors, tanslators and moderators as well as overhead costs
  • financial planning, income, amounts expected by other funders